Officer Murdered While Attempting An Arrest At Pink Motel

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On December 9, 2014, Captain Gideon Locke arrived at the Pink Motel to execute a search regarding human remains. Once approached, suspect Piper Rewell became agitated. Locke, sensing that the situation was escalating quickly, called for back-up.

Sergent Grace Robertson and Sergent Sarrah Carlucci arrived on scene soon after and started searching Rewell’s motel room. Locke uncovered a cardboard box full of cocaine, leading Rewell to grab her gun. While Rory McAuley, Rewell’s daughter, started to cause upheaval, Locke briefly neutralized Rewell’s weapon. When McAuley refused to step down, Carlucci sent in her canine, Scar, in attempt to subdue the suspect. In the chaos, Rewell, who managed to repossess her gun, fired off several shots, one of which striking Carlucci in the head.

Carlucci was pronounced dead on scene by responding EMS. McAuley was taken into custody and transported to Hathian General Hospital for minor injuries obtained during her arrest. Rewell was taken into custody for the murder of Sargent Sarrah Carlucci.

Locke states in regards to his former co-worker, “Sarah Carlucci died in the line of duty bravely defending her fellow officers and will be laid to rest with the posthumous honor of the Captain’s Star award.”

As the death tow rises, for officers and citizens alike, one must reflect on the price paid in times of war. Is it worth losing good people for a cause that has become almost fruitless in the wake of the citizen backlash against HPD? In the long-run, it does not seem like anything but death and destruction will come from this.

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