Christmas Party Ends Up Being A Blast

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HPD Captain Gideon Locke hosted a municipal Christmas party at his home in Rougarou last weekend with around thirty people in attendance from Hathian General Hospital, Fire Department of Hathian, the Hathian Police Department and a few citizens who were brought as guests or dates.

Shortly following a moment of silence for Jessi Noel and Sarah Carlucci, about 2 hours into the party, the home was rocked by a series of three explosions resulting in a large fire blocking both the front and back doors.

Officers Hunter and Zipporah Caverly were trapped in the living room, the hallway was strewn with unconscious, injured people including Doctor Lake Gavilan, Sergeant Grace Robertson, Sergeant Angel Moonshadow and Officer John MacConner. Lieutenant Jeremiah Xuanzang and his wife, HGH administrator Amira Xuanzang were upstairs along with Corporal Jolene Grundy.

Chief Rog Messmer and Captain Shadoe Katsuragi were also in attendance but were luckily outside at the time of the explosion and were able to mobilize FDH and call in help from DE (fire/police).

Captain Locke was in the kitchen at the time of the explosion and managed to grab an extinguisher, although injured, to put out the fire around the front door. He along with Officer Andrew Cooper and Sergeant Nickolai Zelmanov began carrying out the injured to rest on the lawn and street until they too were overcome by burns and smoke inhalation.

Approximately 15 of the 30 party goers remain hospitalized with burns, internal injuries, and smoke inhalation.

The bomber is believed to be the same one who blew up the Master Bates Motel and a police cruiser outside the HPD. She has been identified as Lilith Andrea Cortalez and was captured on dash cam planting the bombs the night before the party.

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