Crisis Time For Hathian’s Poorest

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This holiday season is in a crisis state for some of Hathian’s poorest children. On Tuesday, several of the donated Christmas gifts from the Annual Toy Drive from Hathian’s citizens were stolen from the local Baptist church. It was estimated that over $3000 worth of toys and other gifts, including several gaming systems and games, where taken from the church late Tuesday night.

The ministers of the church stated that they do suspect that it may have been someone that has intimate knowledge of the hours of the church’s collection for any items and they stated that it would have been difficult to enter the church after hours without additional knowledge of the entry codes for the security systems.

The individuals that are involved are unknown and Hathian Police Department reports that the security camera that was recording was disabled during the time of the incident. HPD and church officials are seeking any information on any evidence they may assist with capturing the suspects.

church officials are requesting from all Hathians, assistance with donating additional items for the Annual Toy Drive to help replace the missing items. There are over 1200 children that receive gifts from the Toy Drive and are typically referred by schools and local community service agencies to assist families unable to provide gifts for their children during the Holiday season.

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