Attack On HPD Lobby Leads To Chaos

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In the late evening of December 4, 2014, Voltiel Henusaki led gang members from Sumfai, Reapers, along with other citizens to infiltrate the Hathian Police Department.

Although the war between citizens and HPD has been going on for several months now, it quickly escalated when Cymbal Sterling was allegedly shot in the chest by an HPD officer.

“We pulled together a team and rushed in. I united them, and even though only one really knew Cym, they all stood by me because of their hatred for the HPD,” Henusaki revealed in an exclusive interview. “There was lots of shouting. Everything got loud and we were all pretty blinded by the prospect of bloodshed.”

When other officers arrived on scene, all hell broke lose in the HPD lobby. In the end, all but one of the attackers were arrested and many on both sides were injured. There was a full recording of the event itself but when said reporter was arrested; the HPD officers recovered it as evidence and deleted it off their phone.

When asked about her time in jail, Henusaki stated, “I wanted to speak with Gideon during my time in there. In jail. He didn’t face me. He’s a coward. Left us to those people in the masks. He didn’t even want to heard what I had to say.”

Despite their arrest and inability to speak to Captain Locke, Henusaki and her other followers are not discouraged.

Henusaki relayed a message in regards to the Hathian Police Department, “HPD, regardless of age, gender, or rank are one in the same. And there will be NO EXCEPTIONS. You take orders from a corrupt man? You’ll suffer because of it. Either stand down and get out of my way, or perish on the streets. We own those streets. Sumfai, Reapers and blooming gangs.”

Even with casualties on both sides, the war between Hathian citizens and the HPD seems to have just begun.

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