HPD K9 Unit: An Introduction By Sergeant Carlucci

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In a candid interview with Hathian Police Department Sergeant, Sarah Carlucci, the veteran law enforcement officer gives insight on what can be expected with the arrival of the new HPD K9 Unit.  While some might scoff or even guffaw at the mere mention of the HPD, this reporter took the time to find out what exactly are the intentions of this upcoming change within the department.

Sergeant Sarah Carlucci comes with 16 years of law enforcement experience under her belt since her days of residence in Cleveland, Ohio.  Almost five of those years she has spent as part of Hathian’s finest.  When asked how she felt about her time in the department, being a long standing officer in Hathian, Sergeant Carlucci stated:

“I’ve been an officer of the law for the city of Hathian for almost five years now and I am proud to be back in a complicity that will shine a light on a department steeped in history, pride, and honor.”

It would only make sense that an officer of the law with such an amount of experience would come to take charge of the newly established K9 Unit.  What would be the reason behind creating such a unit?  And how would it effect the crime ridden streets of Hathian?  Would such a unit change the game play when it comes to the HPD taking back the streets and ensuring the safety of it’s citizens?  Questions that were all directed towards Sergeant Carlucci.  And with the poise and personality of someone secure in their position she replied with an air of confidence:

“The need for establishing a K9 Unit is a crucial part of our strategy on crime.  You see, we are not looking to only hit these people where they can be seen.  We will take it to their holes they hide in.  Their places of refuge.  In the end, we will flush out the scum that plagues this city and crush it down like a bug under our boots.”

So what is to become of the HPD and the introduction of their K9 Unit?  The city is a pretty big place and this reporter has seen, firsthand, the law taken into the hands of the citizens of Hathian without a second thought of leaving it up to those assigned to “protect and serve.”  Will the new unit bring a better structure within the HPD to the point that the citizens of Hathian will no longer feel the need to exact street justice?  And how soon can such a change be expected.  As my interview concluded with Sergeant Carlucci, she had this to say in hopes of answering such concerns.

“As far as the law is concerned, citizens that take the law into their own hands are breaking the law.  We are the law. We are hired by this city to perform a job.  This is our job, not theirs. Now I know some of the citizens out there are scared. They think because someone else let them down, that I will, or that Captain Locke will. I can tell you this ma’am, that’s all going to be coming to an end! I am happy to be in cooperation with the full department as well as having cooperation from other city services. Together we will bring a new level of justice and protection to the streets where citizens will no longer have to break the law or find peace in being a vigilante.

“What might have happened in the past is in the past. The people you see running the show today are as straight as can be. These are hand picked individuals groomed to perform on a high level of autonomy. These individuals are the very best this city has to offer and I stand by each and every one of them with full confidence.”

The citizens of Hathian can expect to see the presence of K9 officers within the week.  The department will be receiving five dogs (possibly a sixth in the future) to begin with.  Bar, a four year old german shepherd, can be expected to be seen by the public in the immediate future.  In addition to the implementation of the new unit, the public can also expect more building and business searches that have been indicated as “places of interest.”

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