Exclusive Interview With New Seaside Elementary Principle

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Former Gein Burger Manager, Kirvi Caspian, has recently been appointed principle of Seaside Elementary. The Hathian Observer was able to catch up with Caspian and address her plans as the newly appointed principle as well as the concerns presented by Hathian citizens.

Observer: So what made you go from Gein Burger Manager to Seaside Principle?

Caspian: I loved Gein Burger, I met so many people and really loved giving people delicious food. However, when the Seaside principal position became available I jumped at the opportunity. I wanted to spend more time with my kids when they got out of school for the day, and I wanted to bring fresh ideas and events to Seaside.

Observer: That’s very noble of you. What sort of fresh ideas do you plan on bringing in that the previous principle didn’t do?

Caspian: Thanks. I want to spark life into Seaside, education is important to children, and no matter who is principal, or any member of the staff, people should be sending their kids to Seaside. We are going to spark up a parent teacher association, where parents can voice their opinions and work closely with our staff to ensure their children are getting the best education Hathian can offer. We are going to begin regular family nights at the school, after-school programs like dances, student run clubs, and city field trips. I think it’s important for children living in Hathian to get a well rounded education, as we all know it isn’t just book learning that is important living in this city, but street knowledge too.

Observer: Do you plan on keeping the same staff or will there be a rearrangement as there often is with new leadership?

Caspian:  We’ll have new instructors offering new core classes, for example, self defense for teens, and gymnastics. Many of our staff will remain with us, Lylah Grimm for example, will remain the athletic director, she’s absolutely marvelous.

Observer: Good to hear. Are you intending on hiring any new staff?

Caspian: I am willing to bring on any new staff that wants to jump on board with an active school. I want the town to realize how important education is, and what Seaside has to offer for their children. I want to offer anyone in the community new staff positions if they are interested. If they want to teach day classes, or perhaps afterschool programs..I encourage them to approach me, or one of Seaside’s staff and we’ll set them up with something!”

Observer: Sounds very innovative! So how do you plan on handling the doubts people in the community may have due to your rather infamous reputation?

Caspian: I’m glad you addressed that, I don’t plan on doing anything about those that have doubts because of my reputation. I hope that those pulling their kids out of Seaside will see what good we are doing for the children with new programs, new staff, and new classes for their children to learn and really excel in the city. It isn’t about who I take to bed with me at night, or what position my body is thrown into, this is about Seaside being the only public school in Hathian, and what the school has to offer. Seaside aids children in helping survive life in this town. I want to continue helping kids in a town filled with people only helping themselves.

Observer: Good answer! I think that’s very important to remember! Is there anything else you want to add?

Caspian: I want to add that I wish luck to the next person to take the Gein Burger management position. Gein Burger has a wonderful, helpful staff, and really offers classic, homemade food for the masses of Hathian. I also want to thank everyone who is supporting not only me, but Seaside in their transition of new staff and new events to offer.

Observer: Thank your taking your time to speak with us. We wish you the best of luck as the new principle of Seaside Elementary.

Kirvi Caspian, should she follows through with the promises stated in the interview, could bring new hope to the local educational system and lead to a brighter future for the youth of Hathian.


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