Vudu Spice Shop Under New Management!

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The Vudu Spice Shop has streamlined their offering of products, which now include a stock supply of rare ingredients and pre-mixed, name-branded concoctions.  Visit us and ask a Vudu Clerk for assistance with purchasing any of the following items.  Remember   – the Vudu Spice Shop is a local outlet for hand-rolled and imported cigarettes!

The Vudu Spice Shop is located in South Hathian, at the end of Battle Street, along the border of Devil’s Pocket.


* * * * *     INGREDIENTS:   * * * * *  

(( Standard stock – anything else must be obtained in one of the following ways:  1)  A Vudu specialist can custom order the item.  2)   A Vudu specialist can go out and harvest the item for the customer.  3)  The customer can be instructed to go out and harvest the ingredient themselves – we have established a variety of locations around CD for certain ingredients on our list,  4)  The customer may be able to buy the ingredient at The Clam Convenience Store.  We have an IC/OOC role-play relationship to refer customers to each other’s shops.  ))

ORDINARY SPICES:  $1 per quarter ounce
1.  Siberian ginseng
2.  cloves
3.   fennel
4.  lemon balm
5.  jasmine
6.  rosemary
7.   sage
8.   thyme
9.   elderberries (dried)
10.  rock salt

HERBS & ROOTS:   $5 per quarter ounce
1.  California poppy
2.  St. John’s Wort root
3.  mandrake root
4.. belladonna
5.. hemlock
6.  witch hazel
7.  valerian root
8.  black cohosh herb
9.  wintergreen oil
10. birch sap

OTHER INGREDIENTS:   $15 per quarter ounce
1.. Louisiana Gulf driftwood (splintered form)
2.  Black Bottom Frog venom
3.  distilled bayou water
4   holy mold
5.  dragon’s blood resin
6.  raven, chicken, eagle, owl feathers
7.  ladybug and dragonfly wings
8.  alligator bone (in ground powder form)
9,  shark teeth  (in ground powder form)
10. human eyeballs, tongues, fingers & toes

* * * CONCOCTIONS * * * (( Standard stock – anything else must be custom ordered.  Ingredients are listed here so that customers can attempt to make their own formulas at home at their own risk!!!   As a general guideline, like with most ingredients lists,  the order of the items on the list reflects their proportional amount in the total mix:  Use more of what is listed first, just a small amount of what is listed last.   ))  

1.  PAINKILLER:  “Vudu Owie Gone”
2.  SLEEP AID:   “Vudu Nite Nite”
3.  APHRODISIAC:   “Vudu Your FWB (Friends With Benefits)”
5.  POISON #1   “Vudu Prey”
6.  POISON #2   “Vudu Dizzy”
7.   LOVE POTION:             “Vudu Want Me”
8   MONEY LUCK POTION:     “Vudu Greed”
9.   LOSE-A-FRIEND POTION:   “Vudu Cry the Blues”
10.  LOSE-YOUR-HOME POTION:  “Vudu Move Time”

((These substances should have actual physical effects on the character’s body, because of the ingredients used:))

PAINKILLER:  “Vudu Owie Gone”
[Purpose =  To alleviate physical pain.  Can be applied externally to surface areas, or drunk for internal pain.   ]
[Possible side effects = Uncontrollable fits of laughter ]
*Liquid Ingredients:   1. distilled bayou water   2. holy mold   3.  elderberries (dried)  4.  California poppy  5.  lemon balm

SLEEP AID:   “Vudu Nite Nite”
[  Purpose = To help one fall asleep  ]
[  Possible side effects =  Night terrors / Nightmares ]
*Dry Ingredients:     1. valerian root    2. California   poppy   3. belladonna   4. alligator bone (in ground powder form)   5.    jasmine

APHRODISIAC:   “Vudu Your FWB (Friends With Benefits)”
[  Purpose =   To increase levels of arousal  ]
[  Possible side effects = Temporary blindness lasting up to 12 hours ]
*Salve Ingredients:    1. birch sap   2.  Black Bottom Frog venom   3.   black cohosh herb

[  Purpose =  To bolster the immune system  ]
[  Possible side effects = Sudden and temporary fits of narcolepsy (falling asleep without warning)  ]
*Liquid Ingredients:     1.  distilled bayou water      2. shark teeth (in ground powder form)       3.  dragon’s blood resin    4.   Siberian ginseng       5.  rock salt

POISON #1   “Vudu Prey”
[  Purpose =  Renders the user paralyzed but conscious for up to 12 hours ]
[  Possible side effects =  User emits a reeking stench for up to 12 hours after use ]
*Liquid Ingredients:    1. distilled bayou water   2. mandrake   3. cloves   4. holy mold   5.  belladonna

POISON #2   “Vudu Dizzy”
[  Purpose =  To cause the user to lose control of balance for up to 12 hours  ]
[  Possible side effects = INCREASE WITH DOSAGE.  Milder effects include dizziness and nausea, but the most extreme effect of an overdose of Vudu Dizzy is falling into a coma ]
*Dry Ingredients:      1.  raven feathers  2.  ladybug wings   3. witch hazel     4. dragon’s blood resin   5.  Black Bottom Frog venom

((These MAY OR MAY NOT have actual physical effects, and are more likely to have placebo effects or no effect))

LOVE POTION:             “Vudu Want Me”
[    Supposed function:  Causes the charmed to fall in love with the charmer  ]
[  Possible backfire effect:  Charmed falls in love with many people   ]
*Dry Ingredients:      1.  St. John’s Wort root           2. Siberian ginseng           3. jasmine         4.  dragonfly wings

MONEY LUCK POTION:     “Vudu Greed”
[Supposed function:   Causes the Charmer to receive surprise amounts of money   ]
[  Possible backfire effect:   Charmer loses most precious memory  ]
*Salve Ingredients:     1.  birch sap          2. wintergreen oil            3. chicken feathers             4.  thyme

LOSE-A-FRIEND POTION:   “Vudu Cry the Blues”
[  Supposed function:   Causes the charmed to lose one close friend, family member, or lover   ]
[  Possible backfire effect:  Charmer falls into a severe depression lasting up to 1 month   ]
*Dry Ingredients:       1.   Louisiana Gulf driftwood (splintered form)          2.  holy mold           3.   witch hazel

[  Supposed function:  Causes the charmed to lose their current home / living situation ]
[  Possible backfire effect:    Charmer suffers some physical ailment that actually hinders movement for up to 1 month   ]
*Liquid Ingredients:     1. distilled bayou water     2. raven feathers     3.   Black Bottom Frog venom            4.  sage           5.   thyme

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