Masked Vigilantes Brutalize Officers

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Lou’s was the scene of another brawl late Sunday night when a group of disgruntled citizens took out their aggressions on half a dozen police officers.

What started the brawl is unknown at this point, but it appears that a small group of people took it upon themselves to seek ‘revenge’ for acts the department has allegedly committed recently. What started small soon turned into more than a half dozen people crowded outside the bar attacking the police.

The officers were beaten mercilessly by several masked individuals, but were soon overpowered by lack of resources on their part; only one officer had a firearm.

“This here is what we like to call a citizen watch, where the citizens of Hathian had enough bullshit from the cops,” said an enthusiastic bystander. “Clearly, the cops aren’t as bad as they thought they were.”

Eventually, the vigilantes won, and started restraining the officers with their own handcuffs before robbing them of any valuable possessions, including batons, tazers, jewelry, and in at least one case, clothes.

The identities of all suspects are still unknown at the publication of this article, as well as the status of the police officers that were assaulted, as well as their identities.

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