Recently Resigned Officer Kidnapped While on Radio Show

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On November 9th, 2014, after Hathian General Hospital Lead Amira and Jeremiah Xuanzang’s wedding ceremony, former Officer Zipporah Caverly was found by guests outside of the barn where their reception would reside.

The day before, during a call to DJ Trixie Puddles’ radio show, Caverly was kidnapped by the infamous Sumfai gang member River Laveau-Henusaki while they were still on the air.

Caverly recounts, “I wasn’t aware that River was sneaking up behind me because I was doing something else. All of a sudden, I felt a sharp pain in my upper thigh and I fell down to the ground. After that, River grabbed my phone and I think she talked to the people on the radio. But then she kicked me in the head and knocked me out. I remember waking up as I was being carried into her house, where I was put into a cage.”

After that, Caverly admits that while many details were fuzzy; she clearly remembers the torture she endured, which was carried out by Laveau-Henusaki and a man Caverly only knew as “Day”.

“The next day I got pulled out again. She hit me with a bat, then slammed my head against the floor to knock me out. When I woke up I was in a hospital bed with Hunter’s [her husband] arms wrapped around me,” Caverly recalled.

Caverly still has no memory of how she escaped from Laveau-Henusaki’s grasp. Luckily, an anonymous guest stepped forward to fill in some of Caverly’s memory gaps.

“When the ceremony ended, everyone was heading back toward the barn to go into the reception. I saw a group of people gathered to the side, and saw someone crumpled on the ground. Of course I went over to try to help, and there she was,” our source reveals.

At the hospital, Caverly flat-lined and was given an adrenaline injection to start her heart again and then was sent directly into surgery. She survived the surgery and spend the next few days in recovery. She has since been released and still slowly recovering.

When questioned about the motive behind the attack, Caverly reveals that Laveau-Henusaki, who was arrested a week after Caverly was released from captivity, claimed she did it to “teach HPD a lesson.” Laveau-Henusaki herself confirmed this and made a statement to HPD.

She stated, “Tell HPD we done taking their bullshit. Tell them that if they want cooperation… rape and branding ain’t the way to get it.”

Caverly has since resigned from HPD and joined the FDH.

How far will this war, which has erupted many times over the years, go? As HPD’s brutal acts grow more frequent and heinous by the day, harsh retaliation from criminals have been on the rise. When will it end?  Is the heightening of HPD’s corruption the blame for Caverly’s kidnapping? How much more can the citizens of Hathian withstand before all hell breaks loose?

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