HPD Responds to Allegations

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By: Michiaki Yamaguchi, Youth Reporter Photo
Hathian Squad car police chase in the city.

“Look, we’re tough, we have to be,” said the new Hathian Police Department Captain, Gideon Locke as he chuckled over the latest allegation of corruption in the Observer. “And I’ll be the first one to admit some mistakes have been made, but what the denizens need to remember is that most of these sensation and scandal stories are fed to the press by career criminals and gang members, of course they want us to look bad.”

“Everyone is moaning about the cruel treatment of members of the Reapers gang, the same gang that just murdered Officer Andrea Mizer in cold blood. They slit her throat and left her to die alone, a woman who never did a single thing to them except put on the uniform to fight the good fight, and then when we said hell no, we’re not letting you get away with that, they put out all these wild stories about rape and torture.”

“I guess that is their way of trying to distract everyone from the fact that they killed a kind, lovely woman in cold blood, and she isn’t the first. I believe it was just a few months ago they shot and killed an innocent citizen just because she happened to dating a police officer. We aren’t the ones killing people, we’re just executing justice.”

Locke went on to discuss changes currently taking place at the Hathian Police Department. “We’re making a lot of changes actually. We’ve implemented a new rookie training program, we’ve been running more tight knit patrol groups to keep the streets safe and internally, there have been a lot of staff changes, promotions, demotions and terminations. In addition, we’re reorganizing the K-9 unit and hiring liaisons between the HPD and the other municipal groups, Hahitan General Hospital, Fire Department of Hathian… just to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.”

Captain Locke then went on to explain how they’re dealing with past allegations. “A lot of inmates like to say they never get fed, or only get fed bologna sandwiches so I personally emptied the food carts and food storage lockers and replaced everything with nutritionally sound ready-to-eat meals and made strict orders that any inmate staying longer than 24 hours should be fed at least three meals per day.

“I’ve also instructed increased activity with our inmate population to make sure everyone is tended to and taken care of. We aren’t the bad guys, we’re just the ones that have to clean up the mess. Someone has to do it, and it won’t always be pretty, but rest assured our primary goal is to keep Hathian as safe and secure as possible for innocent citizens just trying to lead their lives without fear. Now how is that a bad thing?”

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