High Pregnancy Rates, Something in the Water?

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While people getting pregnant is nothing in the least bit new in the world, Hathian’s population seems to have a very active social life.

Pregnancy in all age groups has always seen an interesting high, with many causes spreading from love between couples to broken condoms, rape, alcohol consumption and even alien impregnation. Protected sexual activity seems like a concept more then lost on the Hathian population.

Perhaps what is more shocking then the high pregnancy rate however is the high miscarriage rate. Violence, drugs, and gang wars are only a few of the many things that have caused countless mothers to loose their babies. While most of the damage is personal, some instances, such as the recent Reapers incident (see “An Open Letter to HPD and Hathian”) have lead to more violence and bloodshed.

All of this of course brings up the question on if Hathian is a safe place for children, both unborn and born. While bringing a life into the world can be a beautiful thing, in some places it can be a death sentence.

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