New Face Of The HPD

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In the opinions of many Hathian citizens, the popularity of the infamous Hathian Police Department has reached an all time low in recent weeks following allegations of unethical, illegal practices and a sharp rise in reports of police brutality; but hope may yet be on the horizon in the form of a new Captain for the HPD named Gideon Locke.

Locke, a Missouri native, met with us in an exclusive interview and promised that significant changes are on the way. Locke has a degree in law enforcement and a minor in political science from the University of Missouri located in Columbia, MO. When asked what kind of changes the citizens of Hathian can expect in the near future, Locke gave us an outline of ideas he plans to implement and execute including a more detailed officer training program he calls HOTP (Hathian Officer Training Program).

“In the past, rookie officers were trained on the job by anyone ready and willing to lend a hand,” said Locke. “We aren’t doing that anymore, rookies will undergo an extensive training program before they ever hit the streets. Officers who have already advanced through the ranks will be meeting with me, one-on-one to see if they need… retraining.”

Locke went on to say that a slew of promotions, demotions and terminations are to be expected in the near future with rigid expectations for officers to adhere to at each level. “Any officer who does not embody the new face of the HPD will be given notice,” Locke promised firmly. “No exceptions.”

“The days of half-assed police work in Hathian are over,” warned Locke. “Any resistance will be met with brutal reprisal.”

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