A Response To “An Open Letter to HPD and Hathian”

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It is an unfortunate fact of life in Hathian that many of the deeds occurring within our city are shrouded in mystery or obscured by half-truths, skewed by bias or differing perceptions…and more often than not, the truth is simply ignored in favor of the advantage a convenient lie may offer to those lusting for power.

In all fairness–though you find so little of it here–the above argument can be made for (or against) criminal and cop alike, depending upon one’s alliance at the time. Following the Reapers’ accusation of unwarranted violence against an expectant mother, I have learned firsthand that even the most well-meaning citizens can feel as if they have to choose a side to stand on, even when so many facts are still unknown. To make my case would be to ask you all to rely on nothing more than hearsay. In an ideal world, taking the word of an officer of the law over that of a proclaimed criminal should present no moral conflict–but as we know, this is Hathian and things are never so simple or ideal.

However, I will not have it said that I have given up on the city to which I was born. While I maintain that I acted only in necessary defense–just as so many of you have been and will be forced to act–I refuse to let the forcing of my hand cast any doubt on the team with which I have served to protect this city. If Hathian is ever to find peace, its people must have faith in those who claim to have its best interest in mind. Officers must be seen to act with more honor than criminals.

I could tell you that my accuser attacked me, that she willingly endangered the life of her children and chose to use them as her license to do as she pleased without fear of retaliation. And she could tell you that I aimed directly at those innocent lives and fired on her, unprovoked, in cold blood. And at the end of the day, you’d be left wondering who’s right and who’s wrong. You’d start fights with your friends over us. You’d attack her allies or mine, maybe. And the violence and the bloodshed, the fighting and the factions would continue to spread.

I won’t ask you to do that. I will only ask you to have faith in this city, to work towards a bright future where you won’t be caught in the middle of all of this.

As proof, I am hereby resigning from the HPD. I will not, however, be turning myself over to this woman and her terroristic threats. But I will be doing all that is within my power to make this city–my hometown, my birthplace–better for everyone.

-Alexandra Markus.

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