An Open Letter To Hathian From An HPD Officer

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Dear citizens of Hathian,

How are you? Good? That’s great. Bad? Sucks for you.

I have a message for you all regarding some recent events. To begin, let me just say that HPD is by no means perfect. We definitely have our flaws. But then again, so do you. Just about every day I see citizens whining about how unfairly they’re treated by HPD. But let me tell you something, the majority of you bring it upon yourselves.

So often people complain about HPD because they were kicked around by them and they blame all of their issues on us, but in reality, you’re the ones who were doing something illegal. You’re the ones who were being belligerent. You were smarting off, cussing, taunting, and threatening us. I’m sorry, but I’m not going to act like Glinda the Good Witch whenever someone starts threatening myself or my family, or when they start physically attacking me. You get what you deserve.

To those of you who have been innocent and still hurt by HPD, I’m truly sorry. The officers who did that shouldn’t have a job. But to everyone else, just shut up. You have no right to cry about it. Besides, all of you murderers, robbers, drug dealers, gang members, rapists and thieves sound like the biggest hypocrites on the planet whenever you whine about the corruption of HPD.

Zipporah Caverly.

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