Sexual Predator on the Prowl

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Artist rendering of the suspect.

Recently, a string of attempted virtually identical attempted sexual assaults have been reported in Hathian. So far, three women have come forward with their stories but there may be more victims out there.

Corporal Morgan Story says, “The Hathian Police Department urges any woman who has been assaulted to come make a report, we want to catch this guy.”

The suspect is a white male that victims put somewhere between 18 and 23. He’s reportedly not very tall, perhaps 5’8″ with a medium build, brown hair, brown eyes and all victims gave a similar account of what he was wearing. Paint or blood spattered blue jeans, green boots and a heavy coat and backpack; the assailant is also usually described as being filthy.

All of the attacks have happened in or around the alley near the Clam Convenience store and the victims are frequently dragged into the bathroom where the assaults take place. The suspect is said to be armed with a pipe, possibly a gun, and a leather strap used for choking.

So far none of the sexual assaults have been successful and all injuries have been minor; according to Corporal Story the suspect seems young and inexperienced. “He scares easily and runs away,” says the officer. “So if you find yourself under attack, scream. Scream loud, kick, fight. He’s looking for easy targets so keep alert and report anything unusual.”


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