HPD Officer Raped

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On Saturday, officers and EMTs were called to a scene near the Hathian Observer where one suspect was in custody and another injured after it was reported that an Hathian Police Department Officer was raped by the suspect.

Officer Kiyome Swan, a rookie with the HPD, reported that she was sexually assaulted by Fritz Hauptmann. When the suspect began to remove the officer’s pants she called out for help alerting three bystanders who came to the officer’s rescue, however one good samaritan was injured by the suspect.

Jack Inkpen was transported the Hathian General Hospital for treatment to his neck. At the time his condition is unknown, however sources close to the case said the patient will make a full recovery but would not go into detail about his treatment.

Hauptmann was also transported to HGH with life threatening injuries which is unclear at this time how those injuries occurred. Once he is released from the Hospital he will be booked into the HPD on several charges, including sexual assault and assault on an officer.

It seems now even the mighty HPD is not immune from violence when they are know for inflicting violence themselves.  This investigative reporter will be monitoring the situation and further updates will come as more information is gathered.

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