Criminal Shoots Up Lou’s Bar

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Lou's Bar

On the evening of October 21st, a local criminal by the name of Carly Martini rushed into the Lou’s Tavern, and attempted to rob the establishment but was thwarted by a unidentified bartender, who shot at the long known criminal of Hathian.

Eyewitnesses say they heard the criminal screaming something about a hammer, and even going crazy enough to shoot the pool-table in her attempts to rob the establishment.

Several gun shot casings were left behind at the scene, but sadly no police response let the criminal go on her rampage for as long as she needed before she was ran off by the bartender. The window of Lou’s was even shot out by the criminal, as she lay heavy damage to the town’s favorite bar.

The police have not commented on the matter, and no further investigations have take place.

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