Woman Brutally Murdered After Newborns Stolen From Womb

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Early in the morning on October 16, a masked, blue-haired woman dressed as a surgeon viciously murdered Venti Rose outside of Berthier St. Bakery.

The masked woman, who was armed with several knives, asked the bystanders how many babies they believed was inside of the very pregnant Rose. The attacker, dubbed “The Surgeon” by Hathian Police Department Officer Luke Barnes, who was the officer on scene, proceeded to cut open the woman’s stomach with a scalpel, allegedly yanking out a newborn baby. Once the baby exited the womb, she threw the newborn into the crowd. Penny Douglas, one of the several bystanders, caught the infant and immediately it to the hospital.

Shortly after Douglas made her escape, “The Surgeon” pulled out a second baby. She cuddled and cradled the child as she wielded the axe down on Rose’s chest, allegedly cutting her heart in half, killing her instantly.

After the cold, brutal murder of Rose, “The Surgeon” entered an unknown vehicle, driven by an unknown suspect dressed in black, and escaped, the second newborn still in her arms. The whereabouts of either of the newborns is unknown at this time.

Officer Luke Barnes stated that, “a woman like that, who enjoys the game of “killing” won’t stop at just this.” This makes her arrest vital to the safety of the citizens of Hathian. Barnes warns that, “if you see this woman stay far away and call the police straight away. She’s too dangerous to handle alone!” One should heed these wise words with the heightened amount of violent crimes in the city.

If you have any information about this case, contact Detective Shawn Jones.

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