Plague Doctor Stops Attacker

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On the morning October 19th, a woman was attacked in front of Lou’s bar by a strange person seemingly in costume.

The attacker was wearing a bloody apron and nurse’s mask, and had blonde hair. They were using a machete, but the attack did not last long as a masked man showed up and drugged both the attacker and the victim.

Quickly after he showed up, both of them were down and out, and he dragged them away. No police response caused the whole thing to happen without interference. It is unknown whether they escaped, or if they are still being held against their will.

One can only do so much for this city. You can only hope and pray that the innocent woman he had taken, along with the attacker, got away safely, unfortunately I don’t believe that. Hathian, keep a eye out for this man, who wears the Plague Doctor mask.

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