HPD Corruption Ignored By US Government

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The news of the corruption within the Hathian Police Department is no surprise, but it has reached epic proportion and started reaching other news outlets. The corruption has been going on for years it , ranging from shady deals and police brutality, to bribes and even alleged murder. It has gotten to the point that even the FBI and federal government has turned a blind eye to his small Louisiana town.

Considered Hathian’s largest gang, the HPD keeps a tight grip on the community and the illegal activities done by the officers that should be sworn to serve and protect, but it seems these days to serve and protect has become to punish and enslave, much like the fictional movie “Transformers” where the police car proudly marked this saying on the side of the car.

Attempts to speak with HPD has been declined, other than the standard “no comment” reply. This investigation reporter will continue to dig for the truth and bring a stop to the corruption within the HPD.


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