Hathian, A Lost Hope?

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Dear Hathianites.

Walking down the streets of our lovely city Hathian, I cannot stop and question. Does our government even pay attention to this city? It has been years since Katrina and well, the city has not been the same since, but it has not changed from Katrina either. The projects in our home, are still falling apart after years, and filth and crime ridden, it almost seems like a joke to call the police for help.

I write this piece as a observation of this city, from the city streets. It is obvious our American government gives little thought about our small American town in Louisiana. I cannot be the only one who has seen no change in our home, almost like we have no hope to survive anymore, sure there are jobs out there, but for the wages we make, we might as well find a mugger every paycheck to actually get robbed, instead of metaphorically.

My question for this city is simple? We will actually get any kind of help.

The sad thing is, I don’t think so, I don’t count on it.

From Crypsin Fontaine

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