Vigilantes Take Out The Trash

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Earlier this week, two masked women, yet to be identified to point, were seen handling and exposing in two men in a theatrical fashion on Bourbon Street over pass from the red light district.

The two women arrived in a black van to this location where they forcefully removed the two already naked men from it in order to display them to the public.

3bOne of the men was hanged naked by a single leg from a plank over the ledge of the overpass with a sign hanging from his chest that said “Zero is Nothing.”

The second man was hog tied and placed on the opposite end of the plank, apparently the only counter balance preventing the first man from falling head first to certain death.

The victims are yet to be identified at this point, but are allegedly members of a local violent gang that have so far manage to evade the authorities.

In a statement, Detective Sergeant Moonshadow said, “This appears to be the work of gang on gang violence – typical of the kind of scum we have to deal with on a daily basis. Rest assured, the good citizens of Hathian can sleep soundly knowing we work tirelessly to bring those responsible for these senseless acts of violence to justice.”

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