Columtreal Football Profiles: Halfback Michiaki Yamaguchi

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Q: You lead the Division in yards-after-contact and broken tackles. Where does your violent running style come from?
A: Haha. Can I abstain from that question? Seriously, I got my lessons on the streets of Hathian and just shit life throws at you.
Q: Even after moving part-time to Michigan, you’ve continued to commute south to play and practice. What inspires this dedication?
A: The team. Jay, Josh, Hayden, Scotty, Sesu, Vid. All the guys, man. Knowing they count on me to break those tackles and run down that field. Man, just important to be a part of that.
Q: You average over 75 yards a game and a TD as a freshman. Better than Matt Forté in his sophomore year. Do you see a pro future?
A: Time will tell.
Q: From day one, your running game has been a bedrock for the Looters offense. How do you handle that responsibility?
A: I don’t see it as a responsibility. I wouldn’t be able to run if Keaton didn’t make the right plays and passes, if Seth didn’t kick in goals, if Vid didn’t crush our opposition. It’s a team effort. If I can run? It’s cause they paved the road.
Q: Coach Andel has brought a lot more Option and Play Action to Looters offense. How is your connection with QB Keaton in the passing game?
A: Solid. We got tiger eyes man. I can feel the play like it’s in my blood, my bread and butter. I know when Keaton’s arm extends a certain way that I gotta get that head way fast.
Q: How do you balance work, education, family and what looks to be a promising football career? What is your main focus?
A: To matter. That’s all that I want. When s*** stops making sense, I cut it out of my life, simple. As far as family goes, I still got some work to do on that front, and s***’s hard, majoring in Electrical Engineering. It’s some serious work, but it’s all good. All work and no play, ya know?
Q: Where do you see the Looters going next year? Is a Championship possible?
A: Damn straight it is. Next year we’ll bring the heat and you can be the first to interview us after we win the bowl gameMichiaki Yamaguchi. Ha ha! Take it easy!
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