Pole Dancing Lessons @ Garage Gym!

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Are you looking to get fit for good and not just ‘get in shape’ for now? Are you stuck in a rut and looking for a new way to train your body and look sexy? Then I’ve got what you need!

Ash Instructor final (2)I can show you how to tone and stretch muscles all while learning a new style of sexy. Join me at the Garage Gym for Pole Dance Lessons/Work Outs! During my sessions you’ll be able to express your sensual side in a safe and comfortable environment all while learning and practicing methods to stay in shape and keep toned. Pole Dance is a great way to not only have fun, but to take what you’ve learned outside of the classroom and into…well…more private areas

I’m available weekly at the Garage Gym for classes or for those that are shyer, I’m also available for one on one.

You can contact me Ashlee Marseille-King  at  555 – 201-5555 ((contact Teagan Wickentower via Notecard))

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