Columtreal Football Profiles: Cornerback Nickolas Vond

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Q: You were Defensive Player of the Game twice in three weeks. How do you feel about your rapid rise to success?

A: I feel good about it. I knew nothing about American football when I moved here from Ireland. Things like this show that I am a fast learner. I am proud of that.

Q: Along with Garrett Zero, you’ve been cited for the most Illegal Contact penalties on the team. Why is it that you feel you have to get so physical with the men you’ve covering?

A: I still think it’s silly to call things illegal. I make as much contact as I have to. There is no such thing as too much contact with the men I am covering. I can never get too physical. I don’t get physical enough.

Q: Coach Hendrich Andel seems to agree! He seems to match you against the big men at the Tight End position most often among Looter Cornerbacks. Do you feel you have a special talent at covering Tight Ends?

A: I was born to cover Tight Ends. I don’t know why. I just instinctively know how to deal with a Tight End. Covering a Tight End is probably the position I enjoy the most. I think the Coach sees that.

Q: He sees something in you. Andel started you on your first week, even against Team Captain Jason Keaton’s suggestions. Have you and Keaton established a bond since?

A: I feel an incredible bond with Jason. He’s my friend, mentor, leader and one of my role models. We are so close that we even have a shark baby together. His name is Sir Bites A Lot.

Q: What kind of shark is it?

A: One that bites.

Q: Bites A Lot, apparently. Are there any other Looters you have a close bond with?

A: No. Jason is the only one I’ve bonded with off the field.

Q: Your brother, Seth, is also on the team though, correct?

A: Yes.

Q: All right, then. If you had one wish about where your role in this team will lead you, what would it be?

A: I will hopefully gain the public support and influence that will one day allow me to open my own ministry.

Q: What role does your faith in God play in how you play football?

A: My faith in God plays a big role. I always pray we win and murder the other team. I know I have displeased God if we lose.

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