Shen Gallery Presents: Urban Art in Hathian

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The gallery is located in Vodou, one block east of Lou's.

The Shen Gallery of Fine Art is proud to present a joint showing featuring artist Jayda Ferrentino’s debut exhibition. Ferrentino’s unique perspective stems from her former career as a journalist, and she cites her trials and tribulations on Hathian’s gritty streets an inspiration to her work.

Shen GalleryFerrentino’s  exhibition includes a tribute to the Humans of New York (HONY) project, featuring street portraits and interviews collected in Hathian, Louisiana. It is a slice of life as only Hathian can serve up. Gritty, raw, sexy, and sometimes violent, this city has left its mark on all of us.

The showing also includes paintings by Ferrentino and gallery owner Inara Shen with a theme of urban reality. Works and prints will be on sale for purchase, with 30% of the proceeds going to the C Vond Crisis Center.

The exhibition will kick off on September 4th, with an opening night gala at 3pm (SLT).

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