Freak Storms Threaten Hathian

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On the even of August 7th, a sudden lightening storm appeared.  People who were out on the street, and not in a self-induced catatonic state from drug use, were seen scurrying for cover as rain began pelting down and lightening bolts were hitting the ground.

This storm appeared and disappeared so quickly that storm alerts and warnings could not be sent out early enough to provide people warning. There was even minor flooding and damage from lightening strikes.

While Southern Louisiana is no stranger to torrential rain storms, this sudden storm cell was not predicted in the day’s forecasts.  Meteorologists, weather forecasters, and other authorities were stumped by this sudden and severe storm and rain appearance.

A hooker who was out working on Bourbon street, who had asked to remain anonymous, claimed that the rain storm made her very wet, wetter than she had ever gotten from working with any of her customers.

Is Hathian experiencing the effects of global warming like our scientists predict, or could there be some other explanation for this freak phenomena?  City leaders and police are stymied about what can be done about it.  They claim it’s an act of God and that there was nothing they could have done to prevent or predict it.


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