Hathian Tops List For Commuter Satisfaction

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Streets of Hathian

Over 97% of Hathian citizens live outside of the downtown core, with the majority commuting into and out of the city each business day. Despite this astronomical number, traffic on Hathian’s arterial roads has never been affected.

To put this into perspective, 24% of New Yorkers commute by car, causing on average 6 hours of rush hour per business day. Los Angeles and Chicago each have 8 hours of rush hour traffic per business day. Despite having almost four times the commuter traffic, Hathian has never had a rush hour.

The reason for this is because the majority of Hathian citizens do not have drivers’ licenses, nor do they own cars. Not accounting for emergency vehicles, there are rarely more than two vehicles within the city limits, one of which is often left upside down and unattended on a random back street. Hathian, the city that will step on your throat with it’s carbon footprint.

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