Slims Attacked With Glitter Bomb

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Slim Goodies Hathian’s down home diner was closed for a short time due to being attacked by a masked raider who set off a glitter bomb.  Bridgette Sinclair, Slim’s new proprietor, took the decision to close the diner for a short time to allow a deep clean and let the two staff members working at the time seek medical attention.

The two waitresses who were close to the device when it exploded both suffered ruptured eardrums and were generously covered by the glitter.

Mollie Rhodes, one of the waitresses caught in the blast, commented that, “a rude person wearing a mask and using a voice changer made a nuisance of themselves.  I was heading back to the counter to help out my colleague Rachel clean up after dealing with another customer when Darth Vadar dropped the device.  I eventually realized I hadn’t died, but the diner had become all sparkly and my ears were buzzing and I couldn’t hear very well.”

Rachel Quinn said that, “I thought for a moment it was a real bomb, and that we were going to die. It got everywhere, in the food, in my ears, in my… well, EVERYWHERE.”

Slims Diner will be fully cleaned and back open before its grand reopening party.

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