Starlet Scales HPD In Musical Protest

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Rumours on Twitter and around town of an upcoming peaceful protest against HPD corruption were given fuel today when young Brun Dug studios starlet Buffy Ella Millet, started off the protests in dramatic fashion.

The young girl, not yet in her teens but a musical prodigy who has already played several venues in the Hathian parish and recently signed a record deal, somehow got herself onto the roof of the Hathian Police Department in  the early hours of Friday morning during the shift changeover.

With acoustic guitar in hand, Buffy Ella began to perform a set which included “Folsom Prison Blues”, “Jump Around”, “Bombtrack” and the artist’s own songs “Leaving here for NOLA” and “Unicorns and Rainbows”, both of which have been inspired by her hometown.

Negotiations by HPD Detective Angel Moonshadow failed to get the young girl from the rooftop and the aerial unit of the Fire Department of Hathian was called in whilst the artist entertained a small crowd of onlookers and HPD officers with her mini-concert.

With several references to police brutality and the frequent arrests of the girl’s father Ellis Millet, Buffy made her unique stand before being talked down by Captain Shadoe Katsuragi of the FDH.

With a much larger protest due to take place at 2 PM on the 26th July, things are not going to be so quiet for the police department.

Buffy Ella Millet is a signed artist with Brun Dug Studios, with her first single Unicorns and Rainbows, expected for release in the fall.

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