Generation Andel

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HPD Captain, Hendrich Andel

The notorious Hendrich Andel, who most of the town holds on a high pedestal of fear and loathing, is reportedly expecting his first grandchild.

The former Chief of the Hathian Police Department found out his young daughter was pregnant back in May, when a restraining order was filed against him after she expressed fear for her and her unborn child’s life to a doctor at the Columtreal clinic.

His daughter, who is now expected to be half way through the pregnancy, has not reported any sort of harm from her father to her, her unborn child, or the father of the child, leaving everyone to assume that Andel actually does have a heart.

Neither Hendrich Andel or his daughter could be reached for comment, thought it is expected that Andel is actually caring for his family instead of terrorizing them.

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