Yet More Rentals

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Homes for the needy Unit has opened up.

Down on your luck? Struggling to find a place to rest your head?
Homes for the Needy is a great project to help you!
Pay next to nothing! Don’t buy furniture! Live right in the Bayou!

Contact Nancy-Page Cole on [numbers]

(( Go here and click the number next to the door for information : ))

Homes for the not so needy available too!

Not dirt poor? Don’t want to look after a whole yard on your own?
We have rentals for you too!
With not nearly state of the art kitchen and bathroom, you’ll feel absolutely comfortable in these mediocre separated town houses.
With two bedrooms and a cozy living area you’re missing right the fuck out!

(( Go here and click the number next to the door/s for information : ))

((30 Prims @ 160L$
70 Prims @ 325L$

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