Prison Pen Pal Prom Successful Despite Missing Girl

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The Prison Pen Pal Program took place last Saturday, May 24, 2014, at Columtreal University, celebrating the common bond of love and friendship between all people. The dance brought together over 20 inmates or former convicts of the Orleans Parish Prison and paired them with students who had written them as “pen pals” over the last month.

Three members of the Hathian Police Department and four private security guys were on site to keep everybody safe. The Prison Pen Pal Prom was organized and sponsored by the Columtreal Cheer Squad and Lavynia Fallen of the Gleek Club, and was catered by Gein Burger.

The dance was a blast and everybody had a really great time. Security and a police officer took down one unidentified man who came in and started cutting people, tackling him and arresting him. There was a lot of great 80s music thanks to DJ Trixie ‘Puddles’ Belladonna, who played hits like “Jessi’s Girl” and “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?”. The Gein Burger food was delicious as ever.

Ava Delacroix, a serial killer, escaped the dance by climbing up on the lockers and jumping through a window wrapped in a cheerleader poster. Jessi Rembrandt tried to tell everybody, but it fell on deaf ears. The Hathian TV news filmed it all but the report never made it to television.

Everybody went home happy except for Lavynia Fallen, who disappeared before she even got there. When asked about Lavynia’s disappearance, Corporal Colton Vond of the Hathian Police Department said on Twitter, “Just to REITERATE, the report IS with detectives now, we are ON IT. Thank you for your concern. We even searched her home & business.”

Officer Cole Thornton added, “Working with @NinjaPrincessAM to find @SpazzyLavy Woo License Plate checking! #BackToTheRookieDays.”

The Prison Pen Pal Prom is the result of the Prison Pen Pal Program, the outreach effort by Columtreal University, to restore hope for inmates. Jessi Rembrandt of Columtreal University said, “The charity that we do is always so anonymous, and this time, we are doing something to help those close to home.” The Prom definitely made it happen, with record attendance, great music and delicious food from Gein.

((ICly written by Jessi Rembrandt))

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