Child Endangerment: HPD Style

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More allegations of odd police behaviour continue to surface as social media becomes an integral part of our society. Recently, a video surfaced on Twitter showing Lieutenant Jack Hartigan in an interesting situation.

An unknown man was loitering near the Jimmy’s Chicken Shack when Hartigan approached in his vehicle, allegedly to question the man about a rape. Things turned violent from an unknown provocation, which is where the video starts.

Lieutenant Hartigan is shown sitting on top of the other man outside the restaurant, both covered in what appears to be guacamole, while the officer can clearly been seen shoving a bottle of sour cream up the man’s nose.

Only moments later, two bright muzzle flashes can be seen, along with the sounds of gunfire coming Hartigan’s vehicle. Video after that is blurry and distorted during the obvious state of shock and confusion, and before the footage cuts out, the distinguishable sound of a baby’s laughter can be heard.

From the footage, it appears as if Hartigan had his newborn child in the backseat of his car, which is corroborated by a statement by the Lieutenant’s wife. She was heard shouting at Hartigan and stating how the child could have been left with her parents. He was also heard saying about how he had the baby and that she was fine, leading one to believe that he knowingly brought his baby on patrol.

While officers have been known to endanger the lives of other citizens, and sometimes even their fellow coworkers, it has rarely, if never, been seen for them to forfeit the safety of their family members.
As another officer on the scene said, “Who brings a baby to what they think is a rape scene?”

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