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HTV News is looking for dedicated staff to join their team. The following posts are open:

  • Presenters / News Anchors

Duties will include: Reading the HTV News at the Studio, Interviewing Studio Guests and Hosting TV Shows as they are recorded in front of a live audience.

Applicants must be able to engage with studio guests and keep the show running under all conditions and a diverse range of genres, including: Chat Shows, Talent Shows, Game Shows, Discussion and debate. Experienced and skilled applicants who prove their ability may be given the opportunity to host their own show named after them. Applicants must be smartly dressed and willing to work within the editorial and style policies of the station. Depending on staffing levels, Presenters/Anchors may also report live from the field.

  • Location Reporters

Duties will include: Reporting live from the streets of Hathian, interviewing witnesses and relevant persons and creating TV reports for the HTV News.

Applicants will be required to work with HTV Camera Crews and The HTV Satellite News truck to send back live pictures and commentary of News and Events as it happens around the City. Experienced and skilled applicants who prove their ability may be promoted to ‘Correspondent’ or ‘Editor’, with the option to specialise in areas such as; Crime, Social Affairs, Sport, Youth Affairs, Business, Environment and Politics. Applicants must be smartly dressed and willing to work within the editorial and style policies of the station. Depending on staffing levels, Location Reporters may also Present or Anchor News Bulletins from the HTV Studio.

  • Camera Crews / Technicians

Duties will include: Filming live news and events on the streets of Hathian, operating the Satellite News truck and operating Studio Cameras and equipment at the HTV Studio.

Applicants will be required to work closely with Location Reporters when filming news on location. At the HTV Studio Crews will edit news reports, operate Studio camera’s and provide engineering and technical staffing as needed. Training will be provided as necessary.

  • Actors and on-air talent

This category covers a wide range of freelance staff or businesses collaborations which may be contracted on a temporary basis to provide such services as: Weather presenters, Soap Opera Actors, Specialist Analysis and Specialist Television Programming (for example: Music, Adult X-Rated or Documentary). Proposals for these contracts and productions will be considered on an individual or per-business basis.

  • Production Management, Editorial, Clerical, Transport and Security

Providing Managerial, Editorial, Logistical and Security Support for the day-to-day operations of the TV Station. Applications for these roles will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

((OOC Notes:

Whilst all of the above are IC Roles for IC Roleplay, we will also be creating real video ‘Machinima’ which will be made available to the community to watch online (see an example of the HTV News Titles at the bottom of this page). Although not essential for the role-play, please specify in your application if you will be willing to use voice and participate in Machinima recordings.

We also need a pool of players (male and female) willing to act as OOC ‘Voice talent’ who can record and send recordings of their voices reading from a provided script, so that their voice can be dubbed onto video recordings of other avatars who are unwilling or unable to use their own voice. Please let TeoMicqui Resident know if you are willing to fulfil this role and have your name appear in the credits!

We welcome OOC collaboration in the Machinima recordings too, from Scriptwriting to Recording and Editing or full-blown complete HTV productions. Branded HTV Graphics, Video Stings and Video Titles can be provided if needed. Please let TeoMicqui Resident know if you are willing and able to participate in this way.

Once we have created some video content, we will be looking for Hathian Businesses who wish to advertise on HTV and will work with them to create commercials.

Reporters and Camera Crews with Vehicle Permits will be issued with a copy of the branded HTV News Satellite truck to drive.  ))

Applications in the form of a letter ((Notecard)) should be sent for attention of ‘The Anonymous Media Mogul’ ((TeoMicqui Resident)) and include:

  1. Your Name ((IC Name and SL name))
  2. The Role (or Roles) you are applying for.
  3. A brief summary of why you want to join our team and what you think you can bring to the role.
  4. ((Your timezone and approx. usual SL online times))
  5. ((Will you be prepared to use voice for Machinima video recordings?))

Successful shortlisted applicants will be contacted to arrange an interview. Thank you for your interest in HTV News, Hathian’s finest Television made by people who care and really want you to buy our advertisers Cheese Puffs….

The HTV News Titles:

[vimeo width=”640″ height=”360″ video_id=”94702465″]

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