Rookie Shot, Killed By Sergeant

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It appears that the officers of the Hathian Police Department aren’t even safe from themselves. Last week, a rookie was shot and killed by one of his own after brandishing a weapon at fellow employees.

While a group of officers were attempting an arrest that went south, Rookie Officer Jim Cooper ran directly into the middle of the conflict. After he pulled a large knife and started to point it at Officers Chingseng, Kimberland, and Sergeant Jestyr, Sergeant Jestyr attempted to restrain suspect

Cooper refused to drop the weapon when ordered to do so, defying all instructions from the officers he was threatening. Seemingly acting out of concern for the safety of himself, officers nearby, and the other suspect in custody, Jestyr fired his weapon, striking Cooper in the abdomen.

EMS was notified and responded rapidly, but the suspect was pronounced DOA at Hathian General. A record check has determined suspect was recently recruited into the Hathian Police Department as a rookie just days before.

According to the police report, Jestyr now recommends for improved evaluations on the mental stability of all new recruits. While the HPD doesn’t have an outstanding record of concern for public safety, this appears to be a step in the right direction.

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