Talented Hathianite Releases First Album

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Saturday will be a thrilling day for not only a young entrepreneur, but for Hathian as well. Bruce Wayne McNamara will be releasing his first album, proving that if you put your mind to anything, you can do it, even in the worst circumstances.

The solo album, called Songs For Sid, will be hitting the record shelves of Rader Records on May 10th, and will show the path of a young man’s self acceptance and growth.

“I woke up and hated myself one day, so a lot of that will be seen on the CD. I am a bisexual man. I can accept that now, though I was raised not to fiddle around with men,” says McNamara. “I love the songs on the CD, because they are honest. It’s all about discovering who you are, from faith, to love, to sex.”

The CD is full of emotion and angst, reminding one of people such as Kurt Cobain, who McNamara feels he has a special connection with. The music is grungy and truthful, giving us a private glimpse into Bruce’s life.

“Being 16, 17, hell 19, and writing about things people can’t understand, it’s rough,” McNamara says. “I know there is some angry stuff on there.”

Though personal torment aside, there is a touching story behind the strife. He has dedicated the album to a very important person in his life.

“It was dedicated to my best friend in the world, my soul mate,” he reveals. “Because that’s the person that helped me get through a lot of my darkness. I think if it was not for her, I’d be dead.”

This is not all McNamara does though. He is the front man of a local band, Batwing, along with three other talented Hathianites, and is the co-owner of the recording studio, Brun Dug Studios, where his work was produced.

“I want to help kids that don’t have access to things like this,” McNamara says. “Maybe we can get some stars out of here.

Bruce Wayne McNamara is a young man with astounding talent and the drive to help others and get things done, who is opening not only his studio, but his heart, to the public.

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