Civil Service Seeks Cases

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Hathian’s civil services have been a sorely neglected part of the city ever since the town was leveled some years back. It has recently found itself under the command of a new director, Dharyus Rindler, who wants to bring the overlooked department back to its former glory.

Despite the office being fully staffed with lawyers, child safety workers, and various staff that do other miscellaneous work, there’s little being done. According to Rindler, none of their services are actually being utilized.

“I am finding how no one seems to know what we do in the civil offices. It’s one of those things where there is a stigma, that we only deal with kid’s issues,” explains Rindler. “We do so much more. Lawyers, health inspectors, anything you think of handled by the civil department of a city.”

As the Observer found out, the department indeed does more than what meets the eye. While the staff do work with child care issues, they are also capable of handling civil suits like divorces, wills, and lawsuits, as well as defense work for the incarcerated.

“It’s all about serving the community,” Rindler says. “We are a no win no pay firm. There are expenses, but think of the civil service like legal aid; we are here to help, and if we don’t help, we wont charge anything more than expenses.”

The civil service is willing to take on just about any case, no matter how small and insignificant it may seem to the plaintiff. Rindler simply wants to see his staff doing what they want to do; help the community.


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