Reject Arson Rampage

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A firefighter battles the flames as they engulf the Rosemont Apartments

The streets of Hathian erupted in fire late Saturday night as an unknown group of people targeted various businesses with an arsenal of molotov cocktails.

Establishments such as the Rub N Tug massage parlor, the Bottoms Up liquor store, and even the Hathian Observer were damaged extensively with either smashed windows, fire, or in some cases, both.

In the case of the Observer’s office, our own editor in chief, Valena Dowe, was inside as the building erupted in flames. She managed to escape with second degree burns, but like many of the targeted businesses, the building will be out of business for the foreseeable future.

At many of the locations, security cameras and people reported seeing three people of short stature. Gender, skin tone, and hair colour are unknown at this point, but one of the suspects was seen wearing a Reject armband, leading people to believe the attacks were gang related.

All subjects are still at large, and police ask that any tips and leads be forwarded to them immediately.

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