Strong Storm Cell Headed For Hathian

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A bout of severe weather, something Hathianites are very familiar with, will be rolling through the city for the next 24 to 48 hours.

As the storm moves east, it threatens many cities from New Orleans to Pensacola with heavy rains, which may cause flash flooding, heavy winds, hail, and even a few tornadoes. Baton Rouge, one of Hathian’s neighbouring cities, has already seen extreme hail and rain this morning.

“We’ve already seen power flickering in an out in some low incoming buildings and minor flooding in low lying areas,” states Wentworth the Weatherman. “This isn’t the first time the city has dealt with natural disasters though.”

Officials advise residents to have the necessary preparations in place, such as a supply of food and water to last three days, as well as batteries for radios, and blankets for heat.


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