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Some might guffaw at the fact that an adult film producer would be teaching a course on filming techniques, but students have come to learn that there is more to Stu Canning’s style than just oooohs, bad music (though there isn’t any in his films!) and nudity when it comes to production and filming.

He also provides his students with more than just information to regurgitate for tests. Unlike many professors that teach because they can’t do, he has made waves in his industry, albeit small ones, and has been able to rebuild his empire once more just weeks after his interview with me.

LF: It was said you own a production company. What type of film do you produce and is it still in business?

SC: I ran an adult entertainment production company. After I got married and had kids, I decided to retire from that business to focus on them. In light of my current situation, there is a possibility that I might look to getting back into the industry. [Note: since then Canning xXxtreme Productions has been reestablished. See more information at the end of the article]

LF: What made you decide to teach?

SC: It’s all about teaching what you know to the next generation of film makers. I remember having to choose electives when I was in college and most of them were brutal. I feel like I’m able to offer the students an opportunity to learn something fun that they can actually put into practice for the rest of their lives.

LF: What do you think will be the highlight of your class? Any surprises?

SC: I think the highlight of the class will be the hands on projects. I could stand up front and lecture for hours, but I feel like the ability to get hands on with hand held video cameras are what makes this class so fun. Anyone can use a camera to capture moments, my class will help the student to bring more to the table as far as presentation. As for surprises…there might just be! It wouldn’t be a surprise if I gave it all away now!

LF: What’s your opinion of your students overall so far?

SC: The students seem to be interested in learning and they’ve been pretty involved in the first project I assigned to them. Already a few students have come to me asking for some help coming up with ideas and of course, my door has been open for them, so really, so long as they show interest, I’m willing to help them out.

LF: Will you be providing internships or jobs to those who exceed in your classes?

SC: If I restart my company again, I’ll certainly be looking to provide both internships and jobs for those students who show aptitude either in front of or behind a camera.

LF: What are some interesting facts about yourself that you’d like students to know?

SC: I have a severe fear of heights. I must turn light switches off and on twenty times before finally turning them off. I have three nipples. I enjoy crocheting. One or all of these things may be untrue.

Let’s see which students will be the first to try and find out which of these facts are true. Keep an eye on the CU Calendar for his next class or feel free to contact Mr. Canning at anytime. His office is located in Black Bottom ((tp)) and you can follow him or Canning xXxtreme Productions on Twitter at @CanXProductions and @Stu_Canning.

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