Drug Duo Captured

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A small drug operation in an apartment in District 8 was brought to an end this weekend as police apprehended two suspects.

Charlice Deer and Theodore Johnson, who were living in the apartment, were arrested Sunday night after police got a tip from a neighbour about possible drug activity. The neighbour, who wishes to remain anonymous, says that the couple have a long history of drug abuse.

The pair had reportedly been selling cocaine out of their home for several months, and had as much as a kilogram of drugs that were ready to sell. Various drug paraphernalia was also found, such as scales, baggies, and pipes, reenforcing the witness allegation.

“It’s good to see them gone,” says the neighbour. “They were bringing all sorts of unsavoury characters to the building. It’s also good to see the police actually doing something.”

Both criminals have been charged with one count of drug possession and distribution each, with a sentence of 5 – 10 years and the possibility of early release depending on good behavior.

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