Get Out Of Jail Free! (Almost)

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The Hathian Bail Enforcement Agency is pleased to announce that the Director of the agency has recently qualified for a bail bonds license.

In addition to its public services already available, Remington Follet III is now authorized to act as a bail bondsman for the agency and offer bail to those incarcerated by the HPD.

Can’t afford to bail out a friend or family member?

For a fee of just 10% of the initial bail sum short term freedom can now be granted to your loved ones. Call 1-800- BAIL ME NOW.

Representatives of the agency are also available to to act as co-signers if it is yourself who needs bailing out of jail.

Among other services offered by the Agency we also specialize in private investigations, courier services, property recovery, missing persons.

Event and personal security and pest control. Our employees are professional freelancers who never turn down a well paid job, anything from helping you move home to looking for your missing cat or catching your cheating spouse, if you have a problem and no one else can help, maybe you can hire the BEA team.

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