Conflicts Within HPD Lead to Slander

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The Hathian Police Department, whose staff have been feverishly working on all of the recent kidnapping cases, has recently been dealing with conflicts between officers.

One of the officers, who will remain anonymous,  contacted the Hathian Observer, claiming that Corporal Zipporah Said was planning a date with the known terrorist Vincent Cross while on the social media site, Twitter.

Vincent Cross was responsible for the bombing at the pet store, the attempted bombing of HGH, as well as kidnapping a detective.

“I’m sure she is fine and dandy, but to purposely go out and try to date a terrorist? It looks bad on the city,” the anonymous source commented.

When the Hathian Observer got a hold of Said, a very different story was told. After venomously denying the claims, she stated, “Whoever is concerned obviously has a pathetic life and has to butt their way into other people’s lives. I’m seeing someone else anyway, and he’s definitely not a terrorist.”

She was fully cooperative when asked to reveal her side of the story. “Earlier this month I was going out on patrol. Vincent was standing on Hangman’s Pass. I stopped because he had a back pack with a shovel and he matched the description of his APB at the time,” she recalls.

“We talked for a bit and I asked him his name, and he said Vincent Cross. I then said, ‘Are you aware you have an APB out for your arrest as well as a warrant?’ and he said no, but he would allow me to arrest him without him resisting or fighting if I went out to dinner with him,” she claims.

“So, I said I would and he let me arrest him. I booked him in for domestic terrorism, then a day later Angel added on the charges. This has all been over a week ago. Yesterday I pulled out my end of the deal and we ate lunch at Slim’s.”

Said believes that racism was the driving force of the anonymous officer’s accusations. There have been several instances where people have called her a terrorist because of her background on Twitter.

When the Hathian Observer reached the anonymous source for further questioning, she responded with more accusations, including racial slurs made against other officers.

Upon investigating further, it was revealed that the accusations about dating Cross were false. It became clear that they intended to use the Hathian Observer to post public slander against Said, which calls into question other claims the anonymous source has made.

It seems that even amongst the chaos of the recent kidnappings, this anonymous HPD officer has found time to try and slander others. Was the feud based on racism or was it because Corporal Said is known for not being a crooked cop? Perhaps there is some other underlying reason behind one officer slandering another. One thing is for sure, the HPD officers need to sort out their differences and focus on protecting the citizens.

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