Missing Newborn, Help Needed

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On Sunday, March 10th, a man named Richard Hillburton kidnapped Co-Chief of the Hathian General Hospital, Dr. Charu Rajal. Dr. Rajal has been found alive by now, but stated that Hillburton forced her into labor and kidnapped her freshly newborn daughter, Loreen, born at Monday, March 11th.

Loreen has a minor heart defect and it is crucial that she is found as quickly as possible to get the treatment she needs. She has some black hair, blue eyes and a tiny scar over her left chest from an in-utero surgery. No further distinctive marks known at this point.

Hillburton somehow managed to avoid the immediately installed road blocks in the Hathian district as well as surrounding streets. Possibly he is still around.

Richard Hillburton is a caucasian male with darker tan skin in his mid 30s, and is rather tall and has black hair. If you see Hillburton, don’t approach him. He is very dangerous. Stay out of his way and contact the local police department and/or Moonshadow Investigations at 555-978465132 ((IM Marissa Hambrook-Vyper ((sfmarissa Resident)), Angel Moonshadow ((angellynne Moonshadow)) or Emily Cooper ((emilycooper2 Resident)).

There will be a $1000 cash reward for any proven helpful information and a $5000 cash reward for information that leads directly to the rescue of Loreen Rajal.

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