Scandalous Health Campaign Promoted by CU Cheerleaders

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Trixie Belladona bears a message

Columtreal University Cheerleaders Squad has it going on.

The ambiguous and impossible to ignore poster was released by the Cheer Squad features Trixie Belladona, a Columtreal University student remembered for the accidental homicide of the former Cheer Squad Captain Buffy Summers and an intriguing episode of death and resurrection in the previous months. The poster portrays the cheerleader and a young man having sexual intercourse in what is claimed to be the Hathian Police Department.

The daring campaign is meant to encourage people to have safe sex;, though the message is quite ambiguous, not to mention Hendrich Andel is no longer the HPD Chief, cheerleaders seem to believe they have managed to state their point.

When interviewed about their message, Trixie Belladona declared, “Oh, that poster! Jesus, his dick was big! I totally got my fill on the Chief’s desk, God bless his kevlar socks.. Sorry what was the question?”

Another member of the Cheerleeaders Squad, Gabrielle Juniper, added, “We’ll keep looking forward making Columtreal and Hathian a better place, people have the right to know.”

Valmont Entertainment, the adult movie agency located near Columtreal, is also involved in the campaign. So far no further details on the upcoming activities of their campaign have been revealed.

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