“Puppy Killer” Suspect Arrested

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Hathianites, and their pets, can finally rest easier after a sting operation lead to the arrest of the “Puppy Killer” bomber earlier this weekend.

Shadoe Katsuragi, Captain of the Fire Department of Hathian, recognized the suspect in the wanted poster that was released to the public as a man named Vincent Cross.

Knowing she could get close to the suspect, she then contacted Angel Moonshadow, telling her when and where she and Cross would be, and established a code word to signal when officers should move in.

“I used my phone, leaving it connected to Angel’s phone so she could hear everything,” Katsuragi explains. “Once the code word was given, he realized what I was up to and hit me. I then tried to sedate him with Ativan, and the next thing I know I got shot and he’s shooting at Angel and Skye.”

Cross was apprehended moments later, and Katsuragi sustained a gunshot wound to her thigh without life threatening consequences.

“I would like to thank the citizens of Hathian for the response to my appeal for information which lead directly to the capture of this criminal,” states Angel Moonshadow in a statement faxed to the Observer office. “I would particularly like to thank FDH Captain Doe Katsuragi, Sergeant Weaver of the HPD, FDH Chief Messmer, and the Lousiana State Bomb Squad for bringing this incident to a close with the arrest of this dangerous suspect.”

The FDH doesn’t think that Cross is that dangerous though, and blames the lack of mental health care in the city for his actions.

“I didn’t realize he was off his meds, he’s apparently schizophrenic,” says Katsuragi. “He is actually a sweet guy when he’s on his meds, kind and caring. We really need to step up the mental health programs in this city to help avoid people having to go off their meds because they can’t afford them.”

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