Hathian Annual Lingerie Party

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Well folks, it’s that time of year once again. Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and for Hathian that can only mean one thing, Lingerie Party. Going on it’s fourth year, this event allows for Hathian’s citizens to bust out their sluttiest attireĀ and come together for a night of fun, dancing, booze and maybe a little public sex if the mood is right!

  • When: February 15th @ 4pm SLT
  • Where: The Plant in Devil’s Pocket
  • Best dressed in lingerie to win 5,000L (male and female boards – IC amount will be $500)
  • Live DJ
  • IC Event
  • Booze brought to you by Lou’s Bar
  • Kissing Booth

Questions? IM Audrina Tolsen

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