The “Puppy Killer” Wanted

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In an appeal for information from the public, Detective Moonshadow of the HPD has released a CCTV image of a suspect wanted in connection with the Pet Shop Bombing on the 18th of January 2014.

It is believed the CCTV image of the man comes from a security camera at a quarry in Kenner City, Louisiana which suffered a theft of dynamite in December. The dynamite used in the Pet Shop Bombing is thought to have been linked to the quarry theft by microscopic markers in the chemicals known as ‘taggants’ which can be found through forensic analysis. The taggants in the dynamite form a chemical ‘fingerprint’ giving investigators the batch and shipment details.

In a statement Detective Moonshadow said, “I am asking any citizens who may know this man or have any information to come forward. Citizens should remain vigilant and report any sightings of the suspect immediately to the HPD. The suspect should be considered extremely dangerous and should not be approached by members of the public.”

With four HPD Officers injured, innocent animals dead and rumours suggesting that the bomber promised more devices would be planted, the city remains tense while this suspect remains at large.

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