Vond Army Offers Protection Service to Hathian Citizens, Businesses

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Need to be escorted across town? Has your business been threatened, are you in some way vulnerable in this crime-laden city? The Vond Army (VA) is offering body guard and personal protection service to the citizens and businesses of Hathian.

11973902605_2443b34423_oThese skilled bodyguards can protect you in cases of death threats, stalking, or repeated attacks.  The VA’s mission is to deter potential attackers from thinking you are alone with their hired presence.

The VA has 5 bodyguard agents that clients can choose from, as well as 1 k9 unit.  Each agent comes with their own base pay rates and differing skills that can be used to protect the client(s).  Some of the VA agent skills include military combat ability, firearm licenses, martial arts, street knowledge, and even babysitting!

Contact Colton Vond  ((coltonvond resident)), Kirvi Caspian ((alexa pixie)), or Alexandra Markus ((alexandra melune)) if interested.

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